Joe Lococo

Guitarist/Vocalist/Songwriter/Band Leader

Listen to Joe's Album - Smokin'


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Listen to Joe's Album - Smokin'


  JOE LOCOCO was born in Buffalo, New York.  He started taking guitar lessons at the age of 12 from a local Buffalo Music teacher who had been a student of Andres Segovia. Growing up in the midst of a flourishing Music Scene, Joe was a motivated student and spent many cold winters indoors as a kid practicing guitar and honing his craft. Taking advantage of every opportunity to play with some of the great Buffalo Musicians, Joe learned to play blues, jazz and rock & roll. It was in Buffalo that he began to make a living as a musician. In the late 70’s Joe moved to San Francisco and became established over time as a guitarist/sideman/bandleader and vocalist.  He’s played thousands of gigs

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